Annex Freight Systems Services

Annex Freight Systems combines the comfort and appeal of a small business with the far reaching impact of a nationwide network of carriers built on relationships and reliability. Our team has 200+ years of industry experience and expertise which has allowed us to develop our core strengths in the following areas.

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Full Truckload

Our team has developed a strong and highly effective carrier network throughout the United States and Canada to help our clients meet all their full truckload needs. We have done this by establishing and building quality carrier partnerships throughout the country. These partnerships are built on trust, transparency and reliability.

Annex’s focus is to do the work so you don’t have to. Our dedicated TL team is in place to answer any questions you may have and to offer you service to meet your shipping needs regardless of mode. Our team spends time educating our customers on industry trends, fuel charges, geographical challenges and average market rates. Our team knows the market on any given day.  You can count on the knowledge and skill set of the Annex Truckload Team.  Our mission is to provide you with a one-stop solution that will deliver competitive rates and exceptional service from door to door.

  • Network of quality carrier partners providing coverage throughout the United States and Canada
  • Consistent coverage and capacity throughout all modes, industries and geographical regions
  • The Annex Team handles all dispatching, scheduling and driver management
  • 24/7 Operational support to ensure proper handling, transit and timely delivery of your freight
  • The Annex Truckload Division is an extension of your company – The Annex Partnership

We provide Truckload Services in the following modes:


  • Standard flatbed trailer (48’ – 53')
  • Designed to carry a variety of freight that cannot fit or load onto a standard enclosed van
  • Our flatbed carriers are fully equipped to meet the needs of our customers
     (Tarps, Straps, Chains, Racks, Etc.)

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Dry Van

  • Standard enclosed van trailer (48’ – 53’)
  • Primarily designed for freight that is stacked, fastened to pallets, or can be loaded and unload from a rear door entry
  • Protection from the elements

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Temperature Controlled

  • Standard enclosed trailer (48’ – 53’)
  • Equipment can maintain a specified temperature during transit
    (Food products, Produce, Liquids, Chemicals, Paints, Sealants, Etc.) 

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Dedicated Fleets

  • Annex can provide dedicated fleet service providing you with guaranteed capacity
  • Dedicated Fleets available in all modes (Van, Flatbed, Temperature Controlled)

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Hot Shot / Specialized Services

Annex also provides a nationwide network of Hot-Shot and Specialized carriers to meet your needs.


  • Smaller Scale Trailer – typically 20’ – 40’ in length
  • Shipments ranging from 500 – 15,000 lbs
  • Unable to ship as standard LTL or in an enclosed box truck
  • Unable to be loaded or unloaded from a rear-open trailer (side load / Overhead Crane)

Specialized Services

  • Step Decks
  • Drop Decks (Single Drop, Double Drop )
  • Curtain Side
  • Oversize, Over-length, Overweight
  • Expandable and Multi-Axle

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In today’s environment we all stay on the go. Managing the daily variables of LTL such as freight class, weight breaks, pallet dimensions, density and tariff discounts doesn’t have to dominate your time. Let us streamline and manage your LTL needs through the following tools:

  • Customized TMS software to help streamline your LTL process
  • Informative carrier selection based on cost, transit time and carrier performance
  • Extensive LTL coverage throughout the United States and Canada
  • Partnerships with National and Regional LTL carriers throughout the country
  • Shipment Consolidation opportunity – “Increase Efficiency & Reduce Cost”
  • Automated Scheduling, Tendering and Tracking of all shipments
  • A Support Team dedicated to proactive management of all aspects of your freight flow
  • We manage your freight so you don’t have to!

Managed Transportation

Managed Transportation is quite simply, having a partner that can be involved with your transportation needs at whatever level you desire.  Our trained and experienced operations teams at Annex are positioned to be able to offer you help securing a single load or managing your entire transportation program.

Annex is designed to provide service in the areas that you need at the capacity in which you need. It begins and ends with our customers!


Annex provides full service consulting in transportation and Supply Chain Management. Our team of experts can help you identify challenges and work with you to strategically develop a plan to help increase performance, possibly reduce cost and make your Supply Chain operate more efficiently.

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The Annex Operations Team

When you make the choice to partner with Annex, you are partnering with a quality organization and quality people on all levels. Annex encourages and fosters an environment for our people to grow both professionally and personally.  We start each day with one goal: To revolutionize the transportation industry one shipment at a time, one person at a time, and one customer at a time!

Our Annex Motto is, “Every call is an opportunity to impact someone today!”

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