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Annex Mission

Posted by admin on January 24, 2012

“To be the most reliable and effective transportation partner in our industry, while maintaining a culture of integrity, transparency and true desire to serve.”


The culture and mission of Annex Freight Systems started with its founding partners. Annex was created out of a need to provide customers with a reliable transportation solution that was unique to their needs. When Annex Freight Systems started, we set out to revolutionize the transportation industry, specifically within the Third Party arena. With so many options out there to choose from, we built our foundation on one simple question: “How can we serve shippers and carriers differently and more effectively?”

This simple question was essentially the birth of our Core Values here at Annex. Above all else, we wanted to build a business based on Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Commitment to Excellence, Passion for our Brand and genuine Desire to Serve. We hire our people and conduct our business based on these principles. They are the foundation of everything we do and represent at Annex Freight Systems.

This foundation has allowed Annex to build amazing relationships with our clients and truly help them achieve their transportation goals. In our industry, we believe that there are two types of companies, transactional and relational. The first focuses too much attention on churning transactions. The second focuses its attention on building a quality relationship with its customers based on trust, transparency and the creation of value. Annex is truly a relational company. Our focus is to continually provide our customers with exceptional value. Our customers are an extension of our company and our family here at Annex. Our goal is to be your long-term transportation partner. To us, a partnership goes far beyond a working relationship between a shipper and a carrier. It’s building a long-standing relationship based on trust, reliability, service and a commitment to a common goal.

While our mission is to be an industry leader, our purpose goes far beyond transportation. We approach each day as an opportunity to serve, assist and positively impact our customers and carriers. Annex is a new breed of a third party partner – and we happily accept that role.

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