About Us


Annex Freight Systems is considered a third party logistics company, but there may be more to consider. Full Truckload (FTL), Less-than-truckload (LTL), specialized shipping, managed transportation and even consulting are all available at competitive rates. It’s not a particular mode, equipment type or even carrier base that separates Annex from the rest of the pack. In fact, in some cases, your freight may continue to move with some of the same carriers you currently use today or one of the many others you could find by filling out dozens of free online quotes at other websites.

While we offer services similar to thousands of other freight brokers and logistics companies across the country, the differentiator is really our methodology. We believe that our approach, our mission and or purpose in the market place is different than that of our competition.


Everything we do at Annex is centered around these 6 core principles and how they relate to and impact our customers.


Within our industry, it is Annex’s mission to be a Relational company. Our goal each day is to establish new and cultivate existing relationships with our customers that are built on honesty, trust, transparency and reliable service – a True Partnership. Annex has built a team of industry experts with many years of experience in transportation. We strive to utilize our experience and expertise to help each one of our clients achieve their maximum potential within their unique shipping dynamic and circumstances.

We recognize and embrace the fact that no two customers are the same. Every business is unique and has its own strengths and challenges. It is our job to listen to our customers and get to know their needs, their goals and their desired outcome. We then work with them to create a tailored and unique transportation solution to fit their needs. Annex is not a “Cookie Cutter” freight brokerage and we are ok with that.

Our current customers do business with us based on the value that we provide them each day. Transparency is a core value of Annex, but it is also a key element of our business model. Our job in this industry is to provide value. We view every interaction as an opportunity to provide you with something of value. Whether we end up doing business with you or not, we want everyone that comes in contact with Annex Freight Systems to feel that they have received something that is valuable and that they can use in their business model moving forward. This is our Desire to Serve.

Our customer base ranges from small family owned operations to large multinational organizations. But no matter the size, each customer is appreciated and treated with world-class service. Transportation may be our field of expertise, but our primary focus is helping you grow your business one shipment at a time and walking with you along the journey.